At East Coast Vet Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing the most dependable veterinary care and services for your pets right here in St Helens. The health and happiness of your pet is our main concern, and we offer a wide range of services to make sure they have the best life possible.

Veterinary health checks are the best way to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. It’s a private consultation with our veterinarian where you can discuss your pet’s healthcare needs.

During your visit, our veterinarian will conduct a full nose-to-tail examination where they will check your pet for any irregularities, including Teeth, Eyes, Ears, Abdomen, Musculoskeletal system, Head and neck, Skin and coat and Behaviour

We will also discuss any matters you may have regarding your pet’s well-being and address diet, training, parasite prevention and healthy habits for your much-loved pet.

At East Coast Vet Clinic, we concentrate on prevention and early diagnosis to prevent any problems at the earliest stages. Early discovery of issues provides you and your vet the most reliable method to addressing your pet’s health conditions.
East Coast Vet Clinic recommend twice yearly health check for your pets. Just remember: Our pets are ageing as much as 7 times quicker than we are!

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We all want our pets to live an abundant and wholesome life. Responsible pet care involves giving them a secure home with wholesome food: pet vaccinations give them the greatest opportunity to evade illness and disease from the moment they are young.

Having pet vaccinations up to date protects your pet from catching preventable infections and diseases and supports a strong immune system.
But you may be wondering how frequently you should vaccinate? What are the various types of vaccinations for kittens & puppies? Do adult pets require vaccinations?

East Coast Vet Clinic are here to help care for your companion and administer vaccinations for cats, dogs and other pets.

Prevent Diseases – Pet vaccinations on a regular basis help your pets from catching infectious bacteria and harmful viruses from other animals and their surroundings, some of which can be deadly.
Boost Immune System – Young pets take many months to improve immune support, making them susceptible to infections that can be avoided with pet vaccinations.
Protected Pets = A Protected Home – Kitten and puppy vaccinations guarantee your additional pets, and your family members, are shielded from catching preventable diseases that can easily make their way into your home.

Desexing your pet is a major decision, it involves an aneasthetic and a surgical technique that demands a high level of care and skill.

For most pets that live a healthy life, desexing will most likely be the biggest surgical operation they will undergo.

Advantages to Desexing Your Pet
There are many advantages to having your dog or cat desexed, especially with evidence suggesting that desexed pets have fewer diseases and will often survive longer than undesexed pets. The advantages go further than just avoiding a pregnant pet. Pets who have been sterilised are known to reduce disease transmission and specific illnesses like uterine infections and mammary cancer in females and testicular problems in male pets. There are also behavioural perks such as limiting male cats from spraying and preventing male dogs from becoming territorial, as well as escape artists to find the female dog on heat. Male dogs will go to remarkable lengths to seek a nearby female dog on heat, raising risks of car accidents, fights and lost pets.

Undesired pregnancies
Our Veterinarians advise desexing to stop pregnancy. This is particularly important for cats, as it is not often feasible to tell when she is ‘on call’. In female pups, desexing stops their menstration and the unwanted attention from nearby male dogs.
Unwanted behaviour
Castration assists in controlling male aggressiveness problems and decreases their roaming habits if a female dog in the community is on heat.
Male cats incline to wander and compete with other cats, which can increase other medical problems such as FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) and cat bite abscesses.
Important medical reasons
Spaying decreases the risk of mammary growths (which can be life-threatening). Tumours of the cervix, ovaries and pyometra, a terrible infection of the uterus, can also be avoided.
Neutering can decrease the risk of perianal growths, prostatic disease and eradicates the risk of testicular cancers.

Desexing may also be advised to prevent hereditary diseases in your pet. It can also treat some conditions such as prostatic hypertrophy or pyometra.

A microchip is a useful form of id for your pet. It’s a small electronic piece (roughly the size of a grain of rice) that is placed under your pet’s skin. This can often be done during a regular consultation and only takes seconds to do. It is common to get this done while your pet is in for another reason such as desexing or their annual vaccination.

Microchipping is the most efficient method of identification for your pet – unlike a collar or tag, it won’t be lost! The small chip is inserted under the skin and contains a special code. Once registered, this code is recorded on a national database, so it is instrumental in assisting lost dogs to be re-joined with their worried families. They have also helped when the possession of an animal may be in dispute (yes, it does happen!). In Tasmania, it is mandatory for all dogs and cats over six months of age to have a microchip inserted.

Please note: Microchipping is separate from having your dog listed with your local council (also required after 6 months of age).
If a dog is ever handed in or lost to our veterinary clinic, a microchip scanner is used to find the code. The local Animal Control Officer, Veterinarian or Animal Shelter can then look up the details on the database and contact the owner quickly.

East Coast Vet Clinic has an array of pathological equipment that enables our experienced veterinarians to diagnose and closely monitor health conditions whenever necessary.

Our pets can be harbouring illness or health problems that we can’t easily see, our vet clinic is well equipped to rapidly detect these health problems, including:

    • Urine analysis
    • Faecal examination
    • Blood profiles and haematology
    • Blood clotting deficits
    • Cytology, or the examination of cells under the microscope
    • Tonometry, measuring intraocular for indications of Glaucoma

And with the help of external laboratories, although the results are not instantaneous there is an even broader range of disease detection.

Our on-site pathology provides rapid analysis of many common problems with your pet, as well as some uncommon ones also. Rapid Pathology results are particularly relevant with seriously ill animals and those needing urgent or emergency treatment. Shorter result wait times and faster diagnoses mean your pet receives the treatment they need when they need it.

Some more particular tests may, however, need to be conducted by an external veterinary laboratory.

Emergency Procedures
We really hope your pet never requires us for an emergency, however, if they require immediate treatment, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are willing and capable to respond to their needs.

Typical emergencies that our veterinarians often encounter can involve car accidents, poisonings, fights with other animals, and many other diverse injuries and severe illnesses.

Upon arrival, your pet will be assessed by one of our veterinarians, and we will commence treatment quickly. We will strive to estimate the expenses associated with your case; however, please be conscious that costs can vary depending on what services and procedures are needed. Our veterinarians will always keep you updated periodically throughout your pet’s treatment with us. In some rare cases we may be required to connect with a veterinary specialist centre.

Other Services.

Don’t see what you are after? East Coast Vet Clinic also provide a range of other services listed below. If you need more information or would like to request an appointment, please give us a call today!

– Radiography
– Specialist Referrals
– Clinical Pathology
– DNA Testing
– Pet Insurance
– A wide range of animal health products and premium dog and cat foods

– Desexing
– Orthopaedic
– Dental
– Soft Tissue
– Ophthalmic
– Emergency Procedures

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